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Accounting Services in Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh

Accounting services in Bangladesh has always been a significant tool for business to operate. Since the early ages of human civilisation, accounting services has been used in various formats and stages of society. Accounting services  In modern ages, the arena of accounting services in Bangladesh provided by FM Consulting International as a prominent and renowned accounting firm in Bangladesh, ranges from simple tally books found in small grocery shops to huge multinationals and what not.

Huge improvement and implementation of IT knowledge gives this sector an edge in modern times. We as an accounting service provider in Bangladesh, with qualified and experienced accountants along with our in house IT team has made several accounting softwares and tools to provide accounting service more efficiently.

We at FM Consulting International as a provider of  accounting services in Dhaka, Chittagong and all over Bangladesh brings you a feasible solution to all these problems. We are a team of chartered accountants, cost management accountants and Barristers, which is ready for maintaining your accounts, preparing your returns (income tax return, VAT return etc.), advising on different aspects of your business at an affordable cost.
In Bangladesh, the scope of accounting services plays a key part in supporting both internal financial matters and external affairs such as the government. ReportingTaxationAudit, Bookkeeping, Accounting Manual, Operation Manual, Liquidation, etc.

Accounting for start-ups or small business organisations can be a cumbersome process. Most of us do not understand the technical jargons the accountants speak.

Although the accountants provide you with the picture of how your business is running, and accounts are required for fulfilling different regulatory requirements, maintaining an in house professional accountant, takes up your office space, increases your cost, increases paperwork, increases overhead cost and often the service that you get is not up to your expectations. Accurate and practical financial advices and right financial data is pivotal for business profitability. In Bangladesh the need of such Proficient accountancy is absolute. We understand the trouble you could have seeking for a premium Accounting Service in Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh.  Like most small business runners, you struggle continuously with the urge to improve this business profitability and simultaneously stress yourselves by sorting out the means of reducing taxes, manage overhead costs and also scrape some personal time for yourself and family.

Our Core Accounting Services in Bangladesh | FMCI

Followings are the list of our core accounting services in Bangladesh that we provide through our competent and experienced accountants in Bangladesh.


Bookkeepers are people who keep records of general ledgers of an organization. Transactions include purchases, sales, receipts, and payments by an individual person or an organization/corporation. Normally, bookkeeping doesn't require any special skill set. A bookkeeper is responsible for identifying the accounts in which transactions should be recorded.If anybody is hiring staff and anticipates a lot of growth, he/she may hire a controller to handle his/her financial management and accounting. 

Accounting Manual

Accounting manuals are internally developed documents related to policies and procedures normally maintained within a company mainly used to educate new employees and keep the organisation’s norms aligned with the current practices. An accounting manual can be created via ISO 9001 approach. While often associated with manufacturing and production, ISO 9001 is really an approach to creating effective management systems that can be universally applied. Using an ISO process approach, the accounting manual would include information on organization structure (your org chart), designated responsibilities of management and staff members, as well as identifying core accounting processes and their interaction.

Operation Manual

An Operations Manual is what contains procedures, instructions and guidance for use by operational personnel in the execution of their duties. It usually documents HOW a business operates, from opening the door in the morning, to closing the door at night. In other words, documenting a turnkey operation.The company procedure manual is a valuable asset for a company seeking to grow without the headaches that usually come with business growth. An operations manual is much needed to relieve the top management with problems that usually come with business growth


Liquidation is a process by which an entity dissolves or ends its operations. In Bangladesh, as per the laws, liquidation can be of two types, voluntary liquidation and involuntary liquidation. In either of the cases, it is imeprtive that the entity going through liquidation requires accounting and auditing services to create final report, consolidate and report missing audit reports, weigh financial liabilities etc.

Financial Statement Preparation

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Accounting Software

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CPA Services

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Business Processing

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