Arbitration in Bangladesh
Arbitration in Bangladesh

Arbitration in Bangladesh

Arbitration is a faster and cheaper method to resolve a dispute between the parties without going to court. Though, the legal system of Bangladesh has arbitration in family law matter particularly for dissolution of marriage, restitution of conjugal rights, dower, maintenance, guardianship and custody of children from the year of 1985. Nevertheless, the key statutes which govern the commercial arbitration in Bangladesh are Arbitration Act 2001, Artha Rin Adalat Ain 2003 and Code of Civil Procedure Amendment Act 2003.
As a full service law firm, we have a team of competent arbitrator and arbitration lawyers in Bangladesh. Our lawyers have successfully represented the clients before different arbitration tribunal including National Board of Revenue, Bangladesh International Arbitration Center, Bangladesh Chemical Industries and Corporation etc. We have been involved in both domestic and international arbitration, including International Commercial Arbitration, both as counsel and arbitrator.

Our major services in the arbitration matters are the following:

  • Drafting and serving notice to initiate arbitration proceeding on behalf of the client;
  • Drafting and vetting arbitration agreement;
  • Providing advise in regards to seat and applicable rules of arbitration;
  • Present the claims or case before the arbitration tribunal on behalf of the client;
  • Vetting and scrutinizing all supportive documents and materials related to the arbitration proceeding;
  • Conducting hearing before the arbitration tribunal on behalf of the clients;
  • Drafting the statement of claims and defense;
  • Assisting to execute arbitral award passed by the arbitration tribunal;
  • Providing legal opinion on various aspects of arbitration matter;
Assisting clients staying court proceedings initiated in violation of arbitration clauses and obtaining interim relief in support of pending arbitration proceedings.

The above lists are not exhaustive. As each case is different, we provide required legal services to the clients, depending on the issue of fact and issue of law.

Why client required these service:
Though, it is not mandatory to take assistance from a lawyer to bring claim or raise defense before the arbitration tribunal. Nevertheless, indeed as a matter, it is best practice to take assistance from the experts in the relevant fields to avoid unnecessary legal complications. A lawyer proficient in this area can provide appropriate advice and guidance, which shall enhance better possibility to get the desirable relief. A lawyer can prepare the relevant drafts, documentation by mentioning proper grounds in correct format can assist to file before the appropriate forum. Without a skilled arbitrator, the whole objective of arbitration shall be ruined. It is evident, that, taking assistance from a lawyer shall pave the way to get the adequate legal relief.