IPO and Capital Market Services in Bangladesh
IPO and Capital Market Services in Bangladesh
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IPO and Capital Market Services in Bangladesh

IPO and Capital Market Services in Bangladesh

When a company raises the capital by issuing the shares of the stock it called as an IPO. A company issues stocks for the first time through an IPO. IPO is known as initial public offering. One of the reasons of the existence of stock market is issuing shares thorough IPO. It gives the organization a chance to raise capital for an assortment of reasons. IPO also refers to going public. There are many steps of initiating IPO. A team of initial public offering has to be formed initially including Securities and exchange commission (SEC) experts. Company prospectus is also needed to create which includes financial performance and all the information of the company. After that the financial statements has to be audited to make sure that all the information which is included is accurate. Lastly the company will give the prospectus to SEC and will set a date for offering. The main advantage of IPO is it helps to raise the capital for the company. Holding stocks in a public company attracts employees who are potential. Which is also an advantage for the company to recruit a better talent. There is also some of disadvantages to the company while offering IPO as a public company information could be revealed information to its competitor while filing various reports to the stock exchange commission. To conduct the IPO an organization has to work with investment banks or multiple banks. The company which conducts IPO is called issuer. Capital Market means to exercise that assemble assets from a few substances and make them accessible to different elements requiring reserves. The center capacity of capital market is to enhance the effectiveness of exchanges with the goal that every individual substance doesn't have to do hunt and investigation. Capital market works as a media. It helps to gather funds from various entities also make it available to the entities which needed the most of the funds. Capital market is two types which includes primary and secondary market. Underwriting is happened in primary market whereas in secondary market existing securities are sold. In secondary market securities could be sold in over the counter (OTC) or somewhere else.

Significance of FMCI services in regards to IPO and Capital Market

Utilizing our group of experienced experts, FM Consulting International provides the services of the whole IPO (initial public offering) process, starting with the appraisal and assessment of the benefits of an IPO and additionally investigating every single conceivable choice.  With an experienced and professional team, the management of the company can concentrate on the vital components of the IPO procedure where their information is basic. 

Our group has voyage this course on many occasions previously and can help you at each phase of the overall IPO Journey. It is really multi-disciplinary, covering corporate back warning, review, exchange administrations, tax assessment and different masters from over the firm. This empowers us to give top notch guidance, not just on specialized issues and matters of process, yet in addition on the more extensive achieving vital and business contemplations that any client would anticipate from a free monetary consultant. IPO services includes:

  1. Initial public offering Assist − we fill in as a coordinated piece of the group to furnish with the correct dimension of help to supplement anyone’s current abilities and assets
  2. Assessment and lawful rebuilding in anticipation of IPO
  3. International Financial Reporting Standards detailing and quick close, to meet the trades necessities.
  4. Giving relevant and necessary corporate governance advices and transparency of risk management.

Bangladesh capital market is one of the smallest in Asia yet the third biggest in the south Asia locale. Which includes with Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) and Chittagong Stock Exchange(CSE). It additionally comprises of a dedicated regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), since it executes rules and regulations, screens their suggestions to work also building up the capital market. The experts of FMCI are knowledgeable about introductory open contributions (IPOs) and rebuilding for posting, on both local and global securities trades. FM Consulting International work as detailing bookkeepers, performing reviews of posting related budget summaries, and exhorting on bookkeeping medications and remarks raised by the controllers. As a major aspect of pre-IPO administrations, our expertise additionally helps to listing of any companies. on an organization's posting arrangements including its operational, financial and managerial team. FM Consulting International expert team supports the listed companies respecting withholding tax exempt also concerning retaining charge absolved dispersions, buyback and ensuring capital reductions. Also giving advices to the company corporate governance relating relevant financial reports, documents. Additionally, documenting, drafting and negotiate for the contracts is also included in this service.