Payroll Outsourcing Services in Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh

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Payroll Outsourcing Services in Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh

FM Consulting International is one of the renowned names in the payroll outsourcing services provider in Bangladesh. Amongst the support that we provide, payroll outsourcing in Bangladesh is one of our core areas of services. Doing your payrolls with us in Bangladesh shall mean that you can focus more on the operations side of your business.

Who Needs Payroll Outsourcing Services in Bangladesh

From startups to large MNCs, payroll can be a financial headache if not conducted properly in compliance with the local laws. Non-compliance can result large amount of pecuniary penalty to be its advertent or inadvertent omissions.

Payroll services in Bangladesh to FM Consulting International shall mean that FM Consulting International shall act as an alternative to your in-house payroll services. This shall be cost- efficient for your company as well as maintaining quality time to time and updated compliance with the local regulations. The ways of paying your employees will be simple, timely payment and filing of the employer’s tax returns for the employees shall be a hassle-free task.

We have adequate knowledge that will help you process your payroll without mistakes, on time and in a proper manner. FM Consulting International will bring the peace of mind that a business requires without having to worry about compliance issues and how the employees are paid.

Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing Services in Bangladesh

Payroll outsourcing services in Bangladesh can help you get rid of the following from your business and help you concentrate in your business:

  1. Payroll personnel.
  2. Related accounting programs.
  3. Continuing professional development of the personnel.
  4. Overheads of the payroll team.

The services that FM Consulting International will provide under its payroll outsourcing services in Bangladesh, program includes amongst others:

  • Calculating withholding tax obligations.
  • Depositing withholding tax with the government.
  • Issuing paychecks at the required intervals etc.

With FM Consulting International, you get the flexibility of re-running a payroll within two working days in the event that there are any mistakes in your payroll inputs. Our average client retention rate is for 3.5 years and we would ensure that your tax returns for payrolls are filed in due time.