Company Secretary Services in Bangladesh
Company Secretary Services in Bangladesh
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Company Secretary Services in Bangladesh

Ministerial Services

At FM Consulting International, we get all your Ministerial works done, while you sit and relax at your office. No matter you are based in this country or another, using our contacts with the Ministries we can get your job done in no time, but with absolute accuracy. You just have to inform us of your need and provide accurate documents. The rest is our headache. Long gone are days when you had to stand in a long queue and brain-stormed whether your documents would be accepted or not or the Ministry would impose yet another requirement, arbitrarily. FMCI would now take care of all this. Our Ministerial services are, but not limited to:
·    Notarial Services
·    Legalization of various documents
·    Obtaining NOCs, Clearances, Licenses
·    Consult Ministries and answer client’s legal queries
·    Update the clients with the changes in the Ministerial procedures

Company Formation
FM Consulting International has been the pioneer in assisting both the local and foreign investors in forming their desired business entity all throughout the last decade. We know how difficult it can be for any investor to invest his/her hard earned money in the growing but complex market of Bangladesh. This difficulty rises to a whole new level, when the investor is a foreign national or entity. To ease of this difficulty, our team of dedicated financial advisors and legal practitioner are prepared to guide you relentlessly through all the told and untold procedures in setting up/forming your desired business entity, be a sole trader-ship, partnership or limited company. All you just need to do is consult us before you invest. Our team is there to lead you to appropriate authorities and inform you about all the necessary legal compliances. Our goal is to pave such a path for you so that your investment is made and it is made in the correct sector/area of the market and also, in the shortest possible time. Our highly trained and experienced financial advisors would provide with the latest market analysis, typically trying to show how the market is progressing and which sectors would prove to be highly profitable for investing. On the other hand, our highly qualified legal advisors, would provide invaluable insight to the legal requirements and compliances that you must have to adhere to before, at the time of and after making the investment. So, it is clear that we have both ends covered through our structure of consultancy.

Our Consultancy Services in a Nutshell
Subscribe to our service and a meeting shall be arranged with our team for detailed discussions. Once our team understands what your plan is, our team would focus on the legal issues associated or is likely to be associated with your initial investment plan. Once all necessary researches are conducted, our team would drive you through all the processes there are for setting up your desired type of business entity. Legal and financial compliances would depend on the type of business you are intending to start. For Limited Companies, we would assist you in obtaining the following:

We shall help in completing the prescribed application forms and file it with the appropriate authorities.

Our service would also encompass completion of all the banking formalities and obtain required certificates
This is the most complex part, but still have nothing to worry about. We shall draft core documents like Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association and other necessary bundles of documents and various governmental forms as well.

Once all the primary requirements are taken care of, we shall assist in submitting the documents in the relevant authorities with maximum accuracy.

Setting up of Partnerships and Sole Proprietorships are relatively easier and less time consuming than the Limited Companies. Our team is girded to assist you from the very initiation of this entities and also guide you to the post registrations legal compliances. Most importantly, our work does not end here. We know very well that more legal compliances are there to be taken care of even after the company has been formed. Our team is also equipped to deal which those issues as well. You just concentrate on making your business more profitable.