How to Obtain Fire License in Bangladesh
How to Obtain Fire License in Bangladesh
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How to Obtain Fire License in Bangladesh

How to Obtain Fire License in Bangladesh

Fire License is an obligatory permit which is required by all factories  in Bangladesh as set out by the Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting Act, 2003. This Act sets out regulatory enactments in regards to the prevention, successful extinguishing of fire and also reduction of damages and consequences of fire. The Fire License in Bangladesh is issued by Fire Service and Civil Defence (FSCD).

The following documents are required for obtaining Fire License:

  • Duly filled-in prescribed application form
  • Trade license
  • Yearly Valuation Certificate from the relevant City Corporation or Municipality’s zonal office.
  • Deed of Agreement and reciept of rent
  • Layout of the establishment authorised by RAJUK or City Corporation or relevant municipality’s zonal office.
  • Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum of Association
  • No-Objection-Certificate (NOC) from local representative
  • Clearance certificate from the FSCD office.
  • Duly filled in additional form (in case of garment’s factories)
  • Treasury Challan or Demand note

Applicant is required to submit the duly filled-in prescribed application form to FSCD office along with supporting documents. FSDC authority visits the establishment and issues the demand note. The applicant is required to pay the amount prescibed in the Demand note to the bank. On submitting the bank reciept slip to the FSDC office, the inspector shall re-inspect the establisment. If he is satisfied that the establishment fulfils the standard requirement of fire safety, FSDC shall issue a fire certificate. 

Government Free Schedule and Time 
Fee varies according to the type of factory establishemnt and assessment by the offier of FSCD. 

The fire license is required to be renewed every year from FSCD office. Estimated processing time for issuance of Fire license is usually 90-120 working days.