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Why do you need a CA firm in Bangladesh?



Statutory audit of the financial statements of a branch office/liaison office/ private limited company/ public limited company is required as per the provisions laid down in Companies Act 1994. We at FM Consulting International will serve your purpose and requirement of Chartered Accountancy (CA) firm in Bangladesh.  Statutory audit in Bangladesh is done in accordance with Bangladesh Standards on Auditing (BSA) and the auditors report whether the accounts has been prepared in accordance with the Bangladesh Accounting Standards and Bangladesh Financial Reporting Standards (BFRS). Statutory auditors in Bangladesh are the Chartered Accountant firms in Bangladesh. Chartered Accountants in Bangladesh perform functions similar to Certified Public Accountants or Certified General Accountants and are governed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Bangladesh.

Why our Accountancy firm?

We at FM Consulting International understand the dilemma that small business accounting entails. Businesses which operate as Liaison office or Branch office in Bangladesh would want to get everything under one roof which means getting your statutory auditors, tax accountant, and your tax agents under the same roof. FM Consulting International takes into account these requirements of the client and has brought a solution to it by bringing your desired Chartered Accountancy firm under the same roof.

FM Consulting International’s sister concern, Chartered Accountants firm M L H Chowdhury & Co provides statutory auditing service. FM Consulting International maintains Chinese Walls with its sister concern CA firm so that client can take the benefit of full service firm in the truest form. As a result client can prepare the financial statements by FM Consulting International, get that audited by the one of the best CA firm in Bangladesh, prepare your company tax returns by FM Consulting International and get everything done under one roof. During all these times, we want our client to focus on the thing that they can do best, their operations! We take care of everything regarding compliance while you focus on your core business.

Besides, over the past years, our CA firm has been one of the fastest growing CA firm in Bangladesh with several global recognition and affiliations. We have one of the best Chartered Accountants firm in Bangladesh in terms of our client base which includes MNCs, governmental organizations. Besides we have also worked as the one of the client favorite audit firms for the audit of liaison office, branch offices, representative office etc.  The audit report provided by our firm has wide acceptance in different governmental organizations. Audited Financial Statements are to be submitted to different organizations like the company house (Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms), Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA), National Board of Revenue (NBR), Value Added Tax (VAT) office. Besides our auditors also can report directly to the parent company to bring into their attention of the anomalies that are found while performing the audit of the entity in Bangladesh. 

We are affiliated with one of the most reputed and reliable Chartered Accountancy firm in Bangladesh having global affiliations and serving Clients to an international standards.  

 To know more about us and our services for you as Chartered Accountancy firm please contact us at info@fmcibd.com

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