Employee Leasing in Bangladesh

During these days, Employee leasing is a frequently practiced form of employment in Bangladesh. It comprises the lease of employees by a company for another entrepreneur. This kind of employment is a good source, especially if it is a seasonal business or is related to a single or any particular project.

Employee leasing means, all or most of the employees of a business are hired by another company that leases them back to the former employer after completion of the contract. The employees are then paid by the leasing company and managed by the leasing company. The leasing company provides all benefits to these leased employees as provided to other employees. During the leasing period, leasing company has no work responsibly with the employee, while the client has full management responsibilities for the employee.

With the help of employee leasing, small businesses can save much valuable time and focus on the other business sides like business marketing development, production, sales etc. Employee leasing companies provides services like payroll management, tax management, and other HR services.

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