Payroll Services

Payroll Services

We know and understand how much you crave for a fast, efficient and trouble-free method for completing your payroll. FM Business Accounting Services confidential, cost-effective & complete Payroll service eliminates the tedious chore of payroll processing in your office.  It is a natural extension of the monthly financial reporting and tax services we provide. In Bangladesh Payroll services are either untidy or not in practice as a whole, but we understand that a services of quality will introduce a lot of people to receive it in great horizons.

Basically processing, calculating and distributing salaries is a tedious accounting process, which often can be time consuming. Distribution of salary also may include paperwork, transferring to different bank accounts, Tax deductions, employee savings account and so on.

At FMCI, we provide flexible and diverse payroll services and accountancy to improve overall payroll functionalities of small and medium sized business. Apart from the top-mentioned services, our service package generally includes a mix of following tasks:

* • Payroll calculations
* • Pay Slip creation
* • Submitting pay instructions to your bank
* • Withholding tax payment to Govt.
* • Withholding tax return submission to NBR/Govt. Authority
* • Calculation and maintenance of provident fund accounts
* • Necessary reporting

Both the employee and employer needs to deduct income tax before their payment is released. We will be happy enough to discuss your particular needs at a time of your convenience.